BeTVout supported videocards.
This page contains a lists of cards known to work on at least one system.
Of course we cannot be held responsible if a listed card turns out not to work on your system!

Supported videocards with BeTVOut:

3D Power Ultimate TVout - GeForce2 MX 32Mb - BT868 - only has Y/C output connector, CVBS can also be generated on it.

Asus V6800 DeLuxe ViVo - GeForce256 DDR - CH7005.

Asus V7100 magic TVout AGP - GeForce2 MX200 - 32Mb - CH7007 - has Y/C and CVBS outputs.

Asus V7100 pro TVout AGP - GeForce2 MX400 - 32Mb - CX25871 - has Y/C and CVBS outputs.

Asus V7700 DeLuxe AGP - GeForce2 GTS - 64Mb - CH7007.

Diamond Viper V550 TVout PCI - TNT1 - 16Mb - BT869 - only has Y/C output connector, CVBS can also be generated on it.

Elsa Erazor III ViVo AGP - TNT2 - 32Mb - BT869 - has Y/C and CVBS outputs.

Powercolor Sniper2 + TVout - TNT2-M64 - 32Mb - CH7006 - has Y/C and CVBS outputs. (VGA image quality is not optimal.)

Typhoon Matrix TVout - GeForce2 MX400 - CH7007.

- If your card is not on this list but it's a TNT1, TNT2, TNT2-M64, GeForce256, GeForce2 or GeForce3 with Chrontel, Brooktree or Conexant CX25870/CX25871 TVout chip it will probably work OK. This includes the GeForce2 MX(200/400) dualhead (Twinview) cards: TVout will be connected to the primary head on such cards.

GeForce3 and 4 tip: If you find that your card is not supported by the Be 'nvidia' driver then you might still be able to use BeTVOut with it. Make sure you use it in VESA mode. VesaAccepted (BeBits) can help you configure your card to set it up for VESA mode. Note please that you will not be able to use the VCD and DVD modes however...

- If you have a GeForce4 MX440 (or MX460?) card then you have a chip that has a TVout chip capable of outputting 1024x768 TVout 'on die'. This probably means that you're out of luck: Until someone tells me otherwise, I am assuming that Nvidia changed the specs in a way that the TVout function is nolonger compatible with the '3rd party' chips we all know. Thus it will not work with BeTVOut.
An example of a card that has an 'on die' chip is the XFX GeForce4 MX440 AGP with 64Mb DDR RAM and only a SVHS TV-output.

- If you have another GeForce4 card then BeTVOut just might work as (some of?) these cards do still have seperate TVout chips on board. I have personally seen a ASUS V8440 GeForce4-Ti 4400 dualhead with 128Mb RAM and DVI that contained a CX25871 TVout chip: Well, that could work...
If you have tested BeTVOut on any GeForce4, please tell us about it so we can update the info displayed here!

Please let me know your results so we can (try to) extend this list!


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(Page last updated on July 12, 2002)